Welcome to our support page

If you encounter an issue with the application or if you have a question please click on the below section below that corresponds.

I am a patient

My login is incorrect

I am using the identifier details mentioned on my examination report.

The identifier information appearing on your examination report does not allow you to log in. You must first create an account or log in using your Google or Facebook account. You will then be able to scan the QR code appearing on your examination report in "My QR codes / Manage connections" section.

I don't remember my password

In this case, follow the password reset procedure using "Forgotten account information" link located on the application's login screen or directly from here.

I don't remember my login

If you have forgotten your login you can login using your email address. If you don't succeed to log in, you are probably using a wrong password or you registered using your Google or Facebook account. In this case you need to click on the button corresponding to the social network you originally used.

How to access my examination?

After creating your account and logging in to it, go to "My QR codes / Manage connections" section and scan the QR code present on the examination report, or enter manually the provided codes.
Afterward you will be redirected to the Medical File section which gathers all your medical exams and you will be able to select the pregnancy or exam you want to display.

My new examination does not appear

My new examination has been done in my usual medical center

Please check with your practitioner that your examination has been shared.
It may sometimes happen that the MediFile identifiers of your medical record change and in this case you must scan the QR code present on the latest document containing the MediFile information given by your practitioner.

If your practitioner has shared the examination report, please send us a support request by clicking here.

My new examination has been done in another medical center

You need to add the new connection by going to "My QR codes / Manage connections" and scanning the QR code provided on the examination report, or entering manually the provided codes.

My examination is no longer available

Your examination reports are available for 12 months only, after which they will be permanently removed. Please remember to download them before this deadline.

There is no sound on videos

During the ultrasound examination, you can hear your baby's heart or different Doppler sounds. Ultrasound scanners do not record the sound of the videos, and therefore do not transmit sounds on the different applications. So your videos will never have sound.

I would like to delete my account

If you wish to delete your account please make a request using this form.

I can't find any answer to my question

If you did not find any answer above, you can contact us using this form.

I am a practitioner

I can't find the report that was shared with me

In order to retrieve the reports shared with you it is important to create your MediFile account using the email address that you have given to your colleagues.
If you are unable to access your shared reports when your account email address is correct you can send us a support request by clicking here.

My patient is unable to log in

The MediFile information present on the report that you give to your patients does not allow users to log in directly, they must first create an account or log in using a Google or Facebook account. Please feel free to ask your patients who are experiencing problems with MediFile to visit this support page.

I did not receive the confirmation email

Please check that the email has not arrived in your spam folder.
The link available in the confirmation email expires after a certain period of time. If you click on the link and you get an error message saying that the link has expired a new confirmation email will automatically be sent to you.